What our customers are saying

"Before we used Lawn Tech Services our lawn was in bad shape. Even though we used a lawn service our lawn was always in need of something. Lawn Tech Services has made a difference. Our lawn is greener and more weed free than ever before"

Earl H. Bismarck, ND

"Our lawn has never looked this good. Whatever you're doing - keep up the good work"

Diane R. Bismarck, ND

"Your lawn technicians are friendly and helpful, always willing to go the extra mile to make our lawn look the best. "

John G. Mandan,ND

"I can't believe how good our lawn looks. The weeds are no longer an issue, and our neighbor's lawns look pale in comparison. Lawn Tech Services is our lawn company and will be for a long time. "

Tom W. Bismarck, ND

Our lawn looks better every month The weeds are gone, and the grass is as green as I have ever seen it. Your lawn guys sure know their stuff."

-Willard J. Bismarck, ND

"My lawn is the best it has ever looked, thick and healthy. And the best part is your service is amazingly affordable. "

Bob F. Bismarck, ND