Lawn & Tree Care FAQs

One area in Lawn Tech Services’ HIGHER STANDARDS, Quality, deals with the results we produce. In general, your lawn will have a healthy, green appearance with fewer weeds. Although not all factors that affect results are within our control (beware of sales people promising a golf-course-quality lawn with little expense or effort on your part), our yard services will work with you to get the lawn care results you want. Think of your relationship with Lawn Tech Services as being a partnership, with a common interest in the welfare of your lawn and landscape.

Because we don’t use a cookie cutter approach to lawn care, the answer to this question varies by location. The number of visits included in our full program is determined individually for each Lawn Tech Services location. Each visit is designed to meet specific yard care needs for the given region and time of year. Contact your local Lawn Tech Services lawn care experts for more information.

Lawn Tech Services provides professional shrub and tree maintenance programs that include fertilizing trees via deep root feeding as well as insect and disease control. Check with your local Lawn Tech Services professionals to see what services are offered in your area.

Lawn Tech Services’ full program customers are backed by our guarantee of satisfaction. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the results of a Lawn Tech Outdoor Services application, let us know right away.

Prices usually vary by program and property size, but one thing is certain: what you get for your money makes Lawn Tech Outdoor Services your best lawn care choice. That’s the Value part of our HIGHER STANDARDS! Lawn Tech Outdoor Services makes it easy to get a free, no hassle quotation on lawn and tree care services provided by your local Lawn Tech Services professionals.

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We love hearing from our customers. If you ever have any questions or concerns about a Lawn Tech Outdoor Services service or about one of our visits, just contact us. You can find contact information by visiting our website.

We know there is! Lawn Tech Outdoor Services is the lawn care provider with HIGHER STANDARDS of Quality, Service, Professionalism, and Value. We hold ourselves to these standards in order to serve you to the best of our ability. It’s the Lawn Tech Outdoor Services way! Contact us and start experiencing the Lawn Tech Outdoor Services difference today.