Breathe New Life into Your Lawn with Lawn Aeration

Schedule core aeration services in Bismarck, ND

Did you know your lawn needs air to breathe just like you do? When the soil in your yard becomes packed too densely to let in any air flow, you'll notice a decrease in your lawn's health. Luckily, Lawntech Outdoor Service can fix the problem.

We provide core aeration services in the Bismarck, ND area. By using top-quality equipment to pull dirt plugs out of your soil, we create the open space your soil and grass need to thrive. Speak with our licensed and trained aeration specialists for a free estimate today on a lawn aeration.

3 essential benefits of lawn aeration

If you're unfamiliar with how lawn aeration can benefit your yard, here's what you need to know. Core aeration services can...

  1. Make your fertilizer more effective
  2. Encourage stronger root growth
  3. Reduce water runoff and puddling

Aeration is key to having a healthy, green lawn that will make your neighbors jealous. Hire our team for the job today.